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30 Minute At-Home Body Weight Workout

Don't have a ton of time to workout? Give this burner a try! Cut it down to 24 minutes by doing 4 minutes of each section, or 18 minutes by doing 3 minutes of each section!

Every Minute on the Minute X 30 minutes:

Minutes 1-5: 14 jump squats and 6 decline push ups

Minutes 6-10: 8 one leg get ups (the lower the step or chair, the harder it is!) and 6 burpees

Minutes 11-15: 10 V-Ups and 16 jumping lunges

**Repeat through one more time for a total of 30 minutes!

Workout was fueled by Kono Nutrition Pre-Workout. It's AMAZING guys! Gives me a third lung during cardio, and I've PR'd majority of my lifts since using it over the last few months (those of you that have been weight lifting for a while know that PR's come far and few between after a few years!). Use my discount code SOFIARD for 10% of your entire order!



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