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I met Sofia in our master’s program at San Jose State University a few years ago and watched her develop her successful business during the early stages of the pandemic. Her workout classes looked so fun and welcoming that I decided to join the SWEAT crew to help give me a sense of gym community and get a killer workout! I then came to Sofia in June after being frustrated with “wishing” the weight away. I have always had a great workout routine and above average understanding for nutrition and healthy living, but I needed a source of accountability and motivation.  Sofia came up with a macronutrient range for me and shared many good prep, snack ideas and recipes!  She has kept me motivated and more importantly accountable through this journey and would never allow me to feel shame for a week or meal that was off. Sofia has helped me loose 30lbs and is committed to help me maintain my weight in a healthy way.  I have and will continue to recommend Sofia to anyone that is desiring a healthy change in their life!"

- Leah O., Client

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I did a two-month plan with Sofia and all I can say is this girl knows her stuff. What makes her so amazing is that she has such a great passion for nutrition and health and can explain things so well. During my time with her, I went down from 132lb to around a constant 125lb. She helped me make meals that were great portion sizes and very delicious. Once I ended with her I did get up to 130lb but I can really see my mini abs coming out and my arms and shoulders are very tone now. She helped me realize that it’s not necessarily the number on the scale but the way you see yourself in the mirror. And let me tell you, I have never felt so confident in myself. I loved that she would check in with me every week to talk about goals, meals and literally everything. She was so flexible in the zoom meetings, which was great as well because of my busy work schedule. Thanks to Sofia I am now living a healthier life style."

-Melanie B., Client

After seeing my daughter’s amazing results while working with Sofia on nutrition and fitness coaching, I became a fan. Sofia posted news about a 30 day weight loss challenge she was starting and I figured why not?! Having struggled with my weight my whole life, I didn’t have high expectations that I’d see big results but, wow, was I wrong! Sofia’s 30 day challenge kickstarted a 25 pound weight loss over 2.5 months. It was just what I needed to get back on track and now I head into the holidays focused and just four pounds from my goal. Sofia’s plan was thorough and the meals were surprisingly easy to make and delicious. I ended up repeating the 30 day challenge on my own to keep it going. I can’t wait until she does another. I will be first in line. Her recipes are delicious and she really helps teach you proper nutrition and portion control. I couldn’t be happier with my results. Thank you Sofia! You are amazing!"

- Kacie R., Client


At first, I was a little skeptical about allowing someone else into my weight loss journey as I didn’t know what to expect. I am (like most people) a person who gained weight during quarantine and wanted to better myself. I reached out to Sofia in June, asking her to help me get started on this journey. Right away, she was so helpful and made me realize it was possible with some exercise and eating well. Well prepared, Sofia came over to my home with documents and helped me jump start this incredible journey. She now writes me weekly workouts that I do when I go to the gym and has been nothing but helpful. She is my go-to when I have questions about nutrition or exercise. Thanks to Sofia, in 6 months, I have lost 25 pounds and feel so much better about myself! I have and will recommend Sofia to anyone who wants to make an amazing change in their life or need the support of someone who knows what they are doing."

- Sweat and Sauté Client

I am so glad that Sofia is my nutritionist. She is amazing. As a very active person (CrossFit, Ski, Trail runs, Spartan races & Triathlons), I was struggling with proper nutrition. To make it worse, my social life didnt help either. When I decided to follow Sofia’s tips and guidelines, I saw a tremendous change in my body. She is very patient, easy to work with & no matter how many questions you have, she is always available to answer. I love working with her because she makes nutrition fun & keeps me accountable by doing surprise audits of my macros. I highly recommend her because she is truly passionate about helping people like me and that reflects in her guidance & coaching."

- Deep A., Client


I hired Sofia to help me lean out before my wedding and she was AWESOME! She puts in a ton of effort on the front end to make sure that your diet and exercise plan is tailored specifically to meet you goals and preferences. She also thoroughly explained the "why" behind her program, which I really appreciated because it allowed me to gain a more well rounded understanding of how I can manipulate my nutrition and exercise plan to achieve the results I wanted. Her nutrition plan was fairly strict, but still allowed me to eat a lot of my favorite foods, and her workout plan was tough, but SUPER fun. I used to hate doing legs at the gym, but after a few weeks of Sofia's workouts, I actually began to look forward to my leg days! I had a ton of fun working with Sofia, and I definitely got stronger too, which is what my goal was! I highly recommend her to anyone who's hoping to achieve their fitness goals!"

- David A., Client

Sofia was an integral part of achieving my goal to build muscle over the last 2 months. I lost about 15lbs of muscle mass throughout the pandemic due to changes in my diet and exercise habits, but after just one consultation with Sofia, I was easily able to implement a new muscle-building plan she prepared for me. Sofia was extremely knowledgeable about the whole process. Not only was Sofia able to tell me which foods I should focus on eating, but also the timing and portion sizes of my meals as well. The diet and exercise recommendations I got from Sofia were easy to follow and made a huge difference! Since our call back in October, I've been able to put on 10 lbs of muscle and I have tons of energy throughout the day. There's no way I would've been able to put on weight so quickly and efficiently if it wasn't for Sofia's help. I highly recommend Sofia for anyone trying to slim down, bulk up, or just looking for a healthier lifestyle"

- Diego D., Client


I've been an athlete my entire life, played college soccer and was constantly working out. Once I graduated and didn’t have the natural routine of practice and lifting I found difficult to lose weight or know exactly what to eat, since I wasn’t burning as many calories. To add on top of that, being a nurse and working long shifts made meal prepping seem impossible. I needed a change and asked Sofia to send over her 28 day meal plan. At first I was shocked at how small the portion sizes were compared to what I usually eat. I remember texting her asking if I’d be starving all month (DON'T worry it went away after a few days). Come to find out I was just eating massive portion sizes before. I was feeling a lot better. I’ve also struggled with stomach issues and was amazed how great I felt only a week in. I took before and after pictures and was shocked to see the results. I honestly didn’t think I’d lost much weight or looked any different. I was just happy that I felt so energized and healthy. The coolest part about her entire meal plan was even though I’ve been done with it for many months I have adopted a lot of her healthy habits. Obviously with her being my sister I will always promote her but I know for a fact if we weren’t related I would promote her just as much. She’s not only so good at what she does but passionate about her clients. It’s definitely worth the time and money. I will be doing her January challenge because why the hell not? Her meals are delicious, easy to make and you won’t only look great but feel even better!"

Madison A., Client

I’m a 57-year-old female who has been an avid runner, hiker and Body Pumper for years.  As I’ve aged, I’ve found it harder to keep my weight in check with menopause slowing down my metabolism and running just not feeling good on the knees.  Strength training and cardio workouts are very important to me yet can get boring. Sofia mixes both, cardio and strength into all of her workouts, which range from 40-50 minutes.  Her HIIT/Tabata style formats incorporate different movements and if you don’t particularly like one (i.e., Burpees for me) you know you won’t be doing it for long.  These Zoom classes are just what I needed to boost my metabolism. Her classes are challenging yet you control what you do, and she always offers modification if needed.  I joined Sofia’s workouts right when Covid-19 shut down my gym.  I have seen a dramatic transformation in my strength and stamina and have noticed an increased metabolism, allowing me to get rid of that hard-to-lose belly fat.  Thank you so much Sofia, you rock!!"

- Teresa A., Client


I came to Sofia for help with my thyroid problem and hoping to get regular hormone functioning back, despite an autoimmune disease. Sofia not only heard me out about my concerns and feelings but she made up a food plan that left me feeling fantastic. With her continued support I got back a regular menstrual cycle as well as clearer skin and healthier hair. I genuinely cannot recommend her enough!"

Courtney A., Client

I did a 4-month plan with Sofia and the results are amazing just like her. I reached my goal weight and now I am in maintenance mode. I lost 28 pounds and feel great, have more energy, and my clothes fit better. Her weekly zoom calls with me made me stay on track.

I travel for a living and Sofia was always available for questions on menu suggestions when I was on the road which was a life saver. I would recommend Sofia to anyone looking to lose weight or just have a healthier lifestyle."

- Jason D., Client

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